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"I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership."

- Michelle R. on the annual TSG Wesak Conference & Retreat

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Soul Transformation Awards

Actors make movies to entertain us. Some are uplifting and some are trashy. Some do lots of good and inspire us for greater heights of understanding, while others degrade us and humiliate us. Some are used for tools of good, some as tools of darkness. In movies, sports, songs, dances, art shows, and in many forms of creative arts, we see a tremendous impulse to heal, to do good, and bring a higher consciousness to others. Some actors go beyond making movies and use their money and influence to do good for others.

We too are actors on the large stage of life. We make choices every day about the culture in which we live. Every choice we make changes the culture of life and either affirms the trash or affirms the ingenuity and beauty of the human creativity. Every time we adapt ourselves to low level values, we affirm them. Every time we adapt ourselves to higher values, we enhance the higher culture. People express in their own levels of expression and it is up to us to honor and reward that which uplifts the human spirit.

Culture is the expression of the inner fire. It is a powerful tool of healing and balancing. When we experience something of beauty, we are uplifted and healed physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as psychically. The level of healing and harmonizing depends on the level of the cultural expression.

Our creative expressions can be an expression of that inner fire, the spark of God in us. Every time we uphold and give value to higher principles it is God speaking through us. God speaks through us in many ways. Sometimes God speaks through a very visible and popular actor to bring attention to a human need.

Sometimes, those who serve humanity are all but invisible to our popular media and we never hear about them. There are people right now building schools in remote parts of the world. There are people who are taking children off the streets and offering hope to them. God is speaking through people all the time, even you. You may be given an award for your life expression, or you may never be recognized by anyone. The outer rewards are sometimes a dim reflection of the real rewards that we receive on the inner planes of life.

We are always on the crossroads of life. Every day and in every way we make choices. We reward someone by buying their products. We reward someone by going to their movies. Daily we are constructing a cultural tradition; it is a living and breathing part of life. If we keep in mind that we also are able to reward the expressions of the soul and the process of self transformation, we can acknowledge all those men and women who exemplify this in our life. In all the choices that we make we can have God speak through us. In the choices we make daily, we affirm or we deny the eternal values of God. He speaks through us or we reject Him every time we make a choice.

Today, you can silently reward yourself for the transformative power of your soul. And, silently give rewards and honors for all the unsung heroes of life, who have given everything to uplift us. In our daily choices, we can give awards for soul transformation.

With love and gratitude,