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"I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership."

- Michelle R. on the annual TSG Wesak Conference & Retreat

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching | What are The Ageless Wisdom Teachings?

What are The Ageless Wisdom Teachings?

Agless Wisdom symbolThe Ageless Wisdom is the collective name given for all the wisdom, philosophy, and spiritual insights and directions given to humanity throughout time, both in the Eastern and Western traditions. It is a body of knowledge that has been written and taught by wise men and women in all cultures and civilizations. Often, this body of knowledge is referred to as the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. But this is somewhat misleading in that it supposes that the only wisdom that is available is ancient in nature. On the contrary, the Wisdom of life evolves and grows continuously and organically as a result of the wisdom of any given person anywhere or at any time on earth.

Historically, every culture and civilization has had its advanced thinkers, who have spoken about core values of life, or written about it, and also demonstrated it in their life. Such men and women exemplified an ability of keen observation and understanding of life beyond the material-physical existence. In their ideas and philosophies we find a current of thought that explains the process of expansion, self-actualization, or the process of finding the genuine purpose and direction of life. These ideas or philosophies are adapted to various fields of human endeavor and we find the entire cultures and civilizations permeated by the ideas and principles from great thinkers.

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, as a system of knowledge, explains life from both the material and non-material perspectives. It is based on the understanding that underlying all material life is a subtle counterpart made up of many levels and complexities. Human beings are able to reach and understand life fully when they are able to penetrate into the subtle aspects of life. To do so requires the process of expansion of consciousness and then beingness. By building the subtle counterparts to his or her physical bodies, a person is able to directly understand and deal with the subtleties of life in all its dimensions.

When we understand and appreciate the underlying foundation of our life, we will be able to use this information to heal our emotional and psychic wounds, expand our mental thought life, be able to understand life holistically, and become healthy, happy, productive, creative, and successful throughout our life.

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