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"I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership."

- Michelle R. on the annual TSG Wesak Conference & Retreat

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching | What kind of system of thought is it?

What kind of system of thought is it?

It is a system of thought that is scientific and internally consistent. What you get in life depends on what you do and not do. Every action or inaction, in the physical, emotional, and mental life creates a pattern in our corresponding bodies. These patterns remain in us and influence us lifetime after lifetime. According to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation, what we do now may not affect us for another lifetime. Or, what we are experiencing now may be caused by a long-ago condition or choice that we made. We can use the Wisdom Teachings to understand the bigger picture in life and its complexities and learn the process of cleaning up the causes that have resulted in our life conditions.

This system of thought is testable and verifiable. Health, healing, and a productive life in all our bodies depend on how we live, what we think, how we feel, and how we connect to the subjective aspects of life. The human being is a complex organism based on physical, emotional, mental, and higher bodies of existence. All of life is multi-dimensional and complex and totally and completely consistent.

Great teachers of the Wisdom Teachings emphasize that one must not base his or her understanding of the Teachings on the words of the teacher but on experience and personal understanding. Faith is not the sole foundation of the Teaching, but the personal experience and verification must follow. We may begin by faith but we need to test and verify and see how cause and effect really work. By right observation of life, one can easily see the conditions of cause and effect and adjust accordingly. The Laws of Cause and Effect stay and operate in every level and facet of life.

“The Ageless Wisdom is not historical information but the treasury of the knowledge of self-actualization. Every page in the Ageless Wisdom urges us to be something higher than we are in our beingness, urges us to offer something greater to humanity than what was offered in the past.” (Ageless Wisdom, p. 17.)