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Don't just take our word for it...

It was very special to meet Gita, see personally how she develops her teaching work and feel her vibration. I liked particularly the fact of being able to carry out group work with people that come from different countries, seeing therefore that the Teaching is able to encompass everyone, no matter where do we come from or what our backgrounds are, as there is a point where we can all meet. In this sense, I had a very special experience, as for some reason I felt some of the members of the group as being old acquaintances (and it was the first time we were meeting at all in this life); their vibrations were known to me. Finally, I also liked very much the practice of sacred dancing and the singing of the “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra and the “Beloved Lord…” prayer.  I’m sure it has helped my life but its extent is something I believe will be developing in the next months. These kinds of meetings do take place also in the inner worlds, so the deeper effect in my life will be revealed later on, I think. Right now I can say that it has given me some ideas to develop a task in Barcelona in the spiritual school to which I belong, and it that was a privilege for me to meet Gita personally and be able to learn from her. I liked the combination of instruction and singing/dancing very much. I think this kind of work helps many levels in our beings.

MRV, Barcelona (Spain)

Dearest Gita,

Because I am so grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this year's Wesak Conference, I wanted to share my appreciation with all of you. As we all know, everything is in Divine Order and when the topic for this conference came up about impasses, I knew it was for me.  The timing was perfect for this moment in my life.  Thank you Hierarchy! And thank you Gita for your faithfulness to your calling!

First of all, I am always so pleased with the multi-dimensional way in which Gita and her team organize the conference to include varies methods of learning, exploration and reinforcement of Divine Principles.   Gita's lectures, as always, were so rich and deep, yet also "user friendly".  In our small group sessions, the concept of breaking impasses was continued as we studied several wonderful stories from the "Agni Yoga - 105 Stories".  Some of the concepts were so simple and obvious, and yet full of mystery as well.  Although it is difficult to choose just a few, I would like to share a few nuggets that I gleaned from this abundant field of learning.

First of all, it was of great value to me to understand that impasses can serve several important purposes, and that it is useful to look at our impasses from several different perspectives (such as, exoteric and perhaps more importantly, esoteric).  When we begin to see impasses as opportunities rather than catastrophes, all sorts of new ideas are at our disposal.  For example, an impasse can help us take notice of where we are and what we are doing in a given moment of our journey, an impasse can be a protection from a path that would not be in our best interest, or an impasse can be a opportunity for growth and learning if we turn to our Solar Angel as we strive to work through it and shift our energy to flow more rhythmically with Divine Will, Love and Light.  Also, as we are able to embrace our impasses, understand what they actually are and move through them, we are building bridges to higher worlds.  Additionally, we are empowering, not only ourselves, but others who may have similar impasses in there lives.  A few recurring themes were to release our ego-perspectives as we trust in Divine Guidance through various avenues of striving, such as meditation and decisive action based on spiritual laws and principals.

As in previous years, we all shared in singing and sacred dancing with our very talented and patient choir director, Katie, and dance choreographer, Helena leading us into a beautiful time of worship and thanksgiving.  These times of coordination and obedience were filled with love and humility as we all worked together to give glory and honor to all of Hierarchy as the time of the Wesak celebration drew nearer and nearer.  The celebration itself was so beautiful and reverent as we all opened up to give and receive during this powerful time of Spiritual connection. 

Truly, as we all know, words do not do justice to the power and beauty of this experience; nonetheless, I humbly and happily share with you as best I can...  Of course, this is just a small sharing of this year's Wesak Conference, and yet I am so overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted, that I wanted to share with all of you. 

Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership.

Love and blessings,

MR, Albequrque, New Mexico,USA

Dear Gita,

As a friend and a co-worker, I would just like to express how much I enjoyed the Wesak experience with the TSG group. Thank you so much for including me and for encouraging me to participate. Tonya and Lou were particularly sensitive and welcomed me with such open hearts that I truly felt a part of the group just through my interactions with them. I thought you would like to know how they were an important part of the experience for me.

Your lectures were absolutely stunning. I was beyond amazed by your presence, your grace, your sensitivity to the group, your energy and enthusiasm, and of course, and your knowledge. You inspire me all-ways, but your your delivery of the messages at Wesak were just jaw dropping fantastic.

Many blessings for such giving are now little buds in the heart of your garden. The full blooming is yet to reveal itself!

Much love,
DG, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Gita

What I liked best about the seminar is that you can see into the heart, mind and soul of people.   You know what they need and you deliver it in your talks in an impersonal way that is up to them to pick up on.  Totally non threatening.   Non violating very professional. 

The most important thing I heard in the seminar was that I had the right to be happy.  From my earliest childhood, my life is full of dominating and controlling personalities and I had to ask myself if I ever knew that in the first place. I really loved the seminar and so did Hans.  It stirred up a lot after we got home.  Lots of discussions. I hope I can take your meditation course soon or some day start your 5 year program.  Right now, I'm still working on the wonderful guidance you gave me last year.  Forgiveness exercises, fitness, diet, joy, prayer and affirmation.

Lots of love to you Gita

In gratitude for all you do

ML, Sweden

Hello Gita!

How are you? It was great that you were in Neuberg and I just want to say again Thank you.

Greetings BG, Austria


After the Sunday lunch at TSG headquarters and saying goodbye to the entire group I returned home.  As I entered the door I felt a little sadness – I wanted to be with my friends again.  I sat in the reclining chair and leaned back and rested. An overwhelming tender love embraced and filled me and satisfied all needs for any additional companionship.  It lasted for hours and continues two days later.  I could hardly move.  This was a powerful energy that dispersed any yearnings for romantic fulfillment or marital companionship after the death of my beloved wife.  It was pure Soul.  How absolutely beautiful it was.  There was no emotional ecstasy, just a pure abiding total love that penetrated every part of my being.  This is my new “girlfriend”  -- Sophia Divina – Divine Wisdom.   A lifelong glamour was dissipated in this conference and in the preceding few months.  It is a very great joy to be released from this “sweet” prison.  Freedom is a wonderful feeling.  The next day, Monday, May 11, I had lunch with Gita (TSG president), Catriona (TSG U.K. leader) and Gladys (TSG Peru leader) in Carefree.  We had a wonderful time.  Such friendship on the Path is one of life’s greatest blessings. Today is May 13 and the sublime feeling abides with me.

The Wesak conference at the Lutheran Retreat Center was wonderful, perhaps the best ever. 

RC, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA