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Increase happiness, joy, and bliss in my life

Each of us deserves and needs to be happy and to strive beyond it toward joy and even bliss. The spiritual life can provide us with a bridge to create these conditions in our life. Happiness is important, and it is the quality that we have in our material-based life. Joy is the quality of the soul, where external conditions have no effect on your inner peace and serenity. Bliss is the quality of the Spirit in you, completely linked to the Higher Worlds and having the quality of continuity of consciousness, which means to be conscious and in control in the material and in the subjective realms.

The path to happiness, joy and bliss lies in our ability to link our lower mind to the higher mind and the inner treasury that we have, our Chalice.

For more information on this process, see the following:

Joy and Healing meditation course (available in 6-part course and 12-part course).

  1. Six week course: Part One of the Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom Course, for 6-12 weeks). Consultation with your teacher at the end of the 6-part course. This course is designed to be part of a 4-section introductory material to understand the foundations of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.)
  2. 12-part course, duration for 12 months, includes meditation instructions, seed thought, reading assignment, and visualization. Also, monthly consultation with your teacher.

Joy and Healing by Torkom Saraydarian

The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice by Torkom Saraydarian
is a deeply sophisticated and philosophical study of the operation of the mind on seven levels. The understanding of this topic helps the student to build the framework on which to develop a deeper understanding of the Wisdom Teachings.